I would not be able to do the work that I love, the work that I was put here to do… without YOU!

I can say that today, fully understanding this connection and the value of having you in my life. But I didn’t always act that way.

Let me explain.

Several years ago, I hit a wall. My life and my work took a little detour. It was a significant time and it was necessary to pull back in order to recover and heal. But this, in and of itself was not my epic fail. No one goes through life unscathed and everyone at one time or another faces some obstacles on their path.

No, my epic fail was believing that I had to be perfect and that I couldn’t share what was going on with me until I had put it all back together again, wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow on top.

I stopped sending out my newsletter, waiting for things to be just right. The longer I put it off, the harder it was to start it back up because – let’s face it – NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO BE JUST RIGHT!

It finally dawned on me (duh) that I’m not effective at my work because everything is perfect and I’ve got it all figured out. I’m effective at my work because I don’t have it all figured out and am willing to learn and grow through the storms of life, and especially because I’m so passionate about sharing the lessons that I’ve learned the hard way.

And the greatest lessons I have learned from all of this is:

  • Don’t wait
  • Don’ wait for things to be perfect – start now
  • Don’t wait to say “thank you”
  • Don’t wait to say “I’m sorry”
  • Don’t wait to have it all figured out before you take a step forward in faith
  • Don’t wait another minute before living the life you’ve always imagined

I’ve also learned that it is in our vulnerability, when we are the most raw – that we are also the most real and relatable.

Life is short. No one is perfect. None of us can do it alone. We need each other and I need you. I’m sorry I waited so long to tell you that.

It’s never too late to start again… welcome to the first installment of my brand new newsletter: Confident Girls… Powerful Women. If you’re not currently a subscriber to my newsletter and want to be kept in the loop, simply add your name and email address to the sign-up box on the right.

Thank you for your understanding and support. I am grateful for this second chance and hope you’ll stick around for more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With love & appreciation

Gratitude Gusher!

Gratitude changes us on a cellular level. No, I have not conducted scientific studies to prove my claim, yet with my own life as the living laboratory, I know it in every cell of my being that when I am full of gratitude, everything changes.

Every morning I write out a gratitude list and then fold it up and put it in a glass jar that sits on my counter. At the end of the month, the jar is filled to the brim with my notes to God, offering all the grace and glory to Him – the power of pure divine love.

Each month, as an added ritual to honor all these praises of thanksgiving, I offer them up in a full moon ceremony. I’d like to tell you that I burn them and watch the smoke drift up to the heavens, but the first time I tried it, my entire condo filled with smoke… so just be careful and if you do a burning ceremony, make sure you’re outside and using a safe fire pit!

When we train and condition our mind to look for the good… hold onto your hat – this is the scientific, metaphysical, miraculous, manifestation part – you start to attract more good stuff into your life.

Now it’s your turn…

I want to know what you are thankful for. In the comments section below, let’s create a Gratitude Gusher and offer up our Thanksgiving & Praise! We will be creating a vortex of energy that will draw to us even more things to be grateful for.

Share with us your own ritual for offering your thanks.

Confident Girls & Powerful Women don’t take anything for granted!




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