You are here! You know that map at the mall? The one you look at when you’re trying to find Forever 21? In order to get there you have to know where you’re coming from. It’s the same thing in life. You can’t get where you’re going until you know the starting point.

Last week was the final session of my brand new pilot program called Buried Treasure: A Girl’s Guide to Discovering Inner Strength and Confidence. It’s a social emotional curriculum that helps girls deal with their feelings and relationships more effectively so they can navigate the onslaught of pop culture that constantly sets them up for feeling like they’re not good enough. This particular program was a six-week after school program, but will be adapted for a weekend retreat experience as well.

The Buried Treasure™ curriculum was developed to help girls explore their place in the world, to better experience, express and manage their emotions and to establish positive, healthy relationships with others, and most importantly— with themselves. With a whole new toolkit designed to help girls take back their power, they will no longer sacrifice themselves to the opinion and approval of others.

The last session culminated in a treasure hunt and the girls had to solve the clues that were based on all the tools and strategies they learned throughout the program. As they made their way through the hunt, they collected trinkets that were visual reminders of all the skills they can use from now on in their daily lives.

Every girl needs help figuring out how to get from where she is to where she wants to be. If you’d like to bring the Buried Treasure Social and Emotional Curriculum to your school, click on the contact button and let’s schedule a time to talk. I’m writing a proposal now for the Girl Scouts of Gulf Coast Florida who want to use the program during their fall empowerment weekend retreat.

If you need some immediate help with your daughter, I invite you to apply for a free Breakthrough to Confidence Discovery Session (for you and your daughter) to help her clarify where she wants to go and figure out what might be getting in the way. Together we can explore how coaching can help your daughter become the confident young woman you want her to be.

I’m so grateful to do this work. Just got this glowing testimonial from Maribet Byrne, the School Counselor at the Village School where we launched the pilot program:

“Kathleen Hassan was originally one of our guest speakers at our speaker series here at The Village School of Naples. Kathleen’s presentation to our middle school girls on Girl’s Voices Powerful Choices was a total success.
From that, an after school program was created where during 6 weeks, middle school girls signed up to a fantastic and fun empowerment program.

Kathleen’s creativity, passion, excitement, experience and love were evident during these 6 weeks and as a result we have very confident students that will lead by example and also be successful navigating their very difficult teenage years.

We are very grateful to Kathleen and are looking forward to a continuing partnership where more girls can benefit from her expertise and passion here at the Village School of Naples. “

Maribet Byrne
School Counselor

Here’s what the girls themselves had to say:

Here are some great pics from our epic adventure!

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