1. Girls need someone to talk to besides their parents and friends. As girls maneuver their way through relationships, their BFF one day can very often become their Frenemy the next. Having a coach who not only listens, but helps girls figure out their own next, best move is incredibly empowering and reassuring.

2. Every girl wants to be attractive and a good coach will help her understand that like a magnet, she can attract whatever it is that she really wants. But girls often confuse the outside external stuff with the inner force of attraction. It always comes from within.

3. Girls are often afraid to speak up and they care way too much about what everyone else thinks. Not only will a good coach help her to correctly identify her feelings and emotions, but will also help her find her voice and speak her truth about what she is feeling in an appropriate and assertive manner.

4. Media messages bombard girls with visions of who she should be. Coaching reinforces self-acceptance and helps girls feel comfortable in their own skin.

5. All too often, alcohol, drugs and sex become the coping mechanisms at hand to help teens deal with stress. Coaching teaches life skills such as meditation, affirmations and visualization as tools to stay relaxed and focused and the effects ripple out to the classroom, athletic field and throughout every relationship.

6. Jealousy is by far one of the most prevalent and debilitating emotions that affects girls today. Coaching helps girls understand that jealousy is a strong indicator of an unrealized desire within herself and helps her shift her focus back to what she wants and away from what others have.

7. Coaching unearths dreams and desires and helps girls set clear goals towards their achievement which builds healthy, high self-esteem. A good coach is like your daughter’s cheerleader who will hold her accountable and congratulate her for even the tiniest shift in focus and direction towards her goals.

8. A coach is a mirror and reflects back any negative self-image or self-talk which otherwise may go unnoticed and unless caught will always block the flow of well-being.

9. Regular coaching sessions are like an oasis amidst the chaotic schedules of today’s teens. It teaches girls how to slow down a bit and check in on a regular basis so they stay in touch with their feelings and emotions which can so often be numbed down by constant busyness

10. What you think about and focus on the most becomes your reality. All too often girls place their focus on the drama and chaos of everything that’s swirling and going on around them. Coaching will continually help your daughter shift her focus back to her goals. Coaching will help her not only survive but thrive in her teen years and become the amazing woman she was born to be.

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