This morning I sat at Starbucks, sipping my soy latte with pen and journal in hand, (ironically, at that very moment I was writing about the desires of my soul vs. the demands of my ego,) when I glanced up and saw this message on the window: Say YES to what’s next!

It was the perfect writing prompt and got me thinking about the things that I want to conjure and manifest into my life from a place of pure desire rather than ego that only wants from a sense of lack and unworthiness. The very first thing I said “YES!” to was being open to receive… and with the pump primed, the pen started moving across the page, as if of its own volition and I could barely keep up with my own full-on voracious appetite for everything I desire.

We’re often taught that we shouldn’t be too greedy or that we should be satisfied with what we’ve got, but I believe that God’s will is our joy and that God delights in answering our prayers. But when our requests are born of fear, the prayers will always be answered with more of the same. I am fully appreciative and so satisfied with the life I’ve co-created with God, but it is my desire that summons the life force and allows God to manifest miracles through me.

Here’s what flowed forth from my soul… may it feed yours and get you thinking about what’s next and if you’re open to receive it and if you will respond with a resounding “YES!”

I say “YES!” to my awakening and to the unfolding of God’s plan for my life.

I say “YES!” to attracting a publisher and editorial and marketing team to get my book out into the world.

I say “YES!” to the words and messages that God channels through me in every line and chapter of my book, every single time I show up at the page as the scribe.

I say “YES!” to unexpected sources of income that surprise and delight, and that demonstrate the return on investing in my own personal growth and development.

I say “YES!” to a new found confidence to use my voice to express my desires, no longer accepting the opinions of others as my truth.

I say “YES!” to exciting new adventures and opportunities and to know with complete certainty that each one is a sacred and holy missive from God.

I say “YES!” to a new found freedom to be ME, exactly the way I am, standing firm upon the bedrock of God’s grace.

I say “YES!” to allowing my sons to experience their own amazing journeys without me having to control, manage or manipulate. To trust that God has them in the palm of His hands and that He is guiding them and they are exactly where they are supposed to be at that precise moment in time.

I say “YES!” to speaking my truth and voicing my opinions without cowering or allowing others to dominate or tell me how something is gonna go down in my own life.

I say “YES!” to what makes my body come alive; yoga, swimming, long walks on the beach, massages, sex, healthy food, dancing, stillness, rest, deep sleep, acceptance of my body – exactly the way it is, loving every part of me while letting go of the opinions of others of how I’m “supposed” to look.

I say “YES!” to fabulous clothes, accessories and shoes and choosing outfits that make me feel like the goddess that I am.

I say “YES!” to new, awesome, deep and loving friendships with both men and women – and to let go of any relationship that doesn’t support, respect or nurture me.

I say “YES!” to well-paid and perfectly matched audience-to-message speaking opportunities and to show up in love as a messenger of hope.

I say “YES!” to mutually beneficial collaboration through sponsorships and endorsements to creatively market my book.

I say “YES!” to a brand new chapter and love affair with my husband that is filled with romantic gestures, spontaneous surprises, adventures that feed our relationship and our souls’ expansion, and with adoration and rapture for one another.

I say “YES!” to the daily, holy moments that remind me that all of this is a process and an unfolding. That through it all, I will build and develop an unshakable faith and trust that God has me exactly where I’m supposed to be, that He is guiding me every step of the way and that He will provide me with the next right step at the exact right time.

I say “YES!” to forgiveness – of my own judgments and assumptions of how I thought things were “supposed” to be so that I might be fully present in the here and now and accept things exactly the way they are.

I say “YES!” to not knowing and to be open to miracles – that shift in perception when I can see through the eyes of God.

What about you? In the comments below, share with us one thing you’re ready to say “YES” to today!