Every mom wants her daughter to be brave, have the confidence to achieve her dreams, and know how to get back up when she falls.

Are you the mother of a teenage girl? Do you feel confident in just about every other area of your life except how to help your daughter feel good about herself? Are you worried that she might make some not-so-healthy choices to get the attention and approval of others? Do you sometimes feel that whatever you say only pushes her farther away? Have you ever felt like you’re failing as a mom?

Fear not Mama! You are NOT alone.

Teen girls today are under so much pressure to achieve perfection in their looks, social status, academic and athletic performance. Unrealistic expectations and chronic comparison keeps them stuck in a vicious cycle of striving to be someone they’re not.

The result?  Depression, anxiety, bullying, addiction, eating disorders, pregnancy, promiscuity and suicidal thoughts.

Why hire a life coach for your teenage daughter?

Many parents are at their wits end and feel completely lost when it comes to helping their daughter feel good about herself.

Take a deep breath. I promise you, there is hope.

In working with me, your daughter will not only break free from the trap of perfectionism, she will become more confident with who she is so that every decision she makes comes from an inner knowing instead of looking outside herself for approval.

Confidence Coaching will show your daughter exactly what it takes to love herself unconditionally.

With a confidence coach by her side, she will be gently guided through a proven process to help discover and develop her strengths, including:

    • How to connect to and trust her own inner guidance and stop looking outside herself for approval and self-worth
    • How to find her voice and step into her power without worrying what everyone else will think
    • How to develop unshakable confidence by learning resiliency skills to deal with difficult situations more effectively

My UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE COACHING SYSTEM is designed to help your daughter finally love herself – just the way she is, while becoming all she was born to be. With her own personal success coach, together we will unearth your daughter’s greatest potential. As her trusted ally and cheerleader, I will continually mirror that back to her so she can develop confidence in her strengths and abilities. Essential relationship skills, including assertiveness and effective communication will be developed to help her find her voice, stand up for herself and thrive through life’s pressures and transitions. Together we will create an action plan that will empower her to achieve her dreams and goals.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards empowering your daughter to become the confident young woman you know she can be, then I encourage you to apply for my free Breakthrough to Confidence Discovery Session.

Coaching Packages:

“Unshakable Confidence for Teen Girls” 6 month Coaching Package includes:

      • 3 Confident 2B Me Sessions per month (50 minutes each) via FaceTime, SKYPE or phone
      • 1 90-minute mother/daughter introductory session
      • two 10-minute “I need help NOW!” calls per month to help shift perspective in the moment
      • BONUS – 52 week iCoach audio podcast program, delivered weekly via email
      • BONUS – final mother/daughter 30 minute Q&A session
      • Unlimited email support in between sessions and a monthly mom check-in email


“Confident Teen Girl” Monthly Coaching Package includes:

      • 2 Confident 2B Me Sessions per month (50 minutes each) via SKYPE
      • one 10-minute “I need help NOW!” call per month to help her shift perspective in the moment
      • BONUS – 52 week iCoach audio podcast program, delivered weekly via email
      • Unlimited email support in between sessions and a monthly mom check-in email

New! Mother and Daughter Coaching

One of the most sacred and powerful relationships in the world is the bond between a mother and her daughter. It can also be a source of stress and frustration that can turn your home into a battle zone. The way a mother and daughter interact and communicate affects and shapes a girl’s sense of self and often forms the basis for the way a girl interacts in every other relationship throughout her life.

I realized after coaching teen girls for many years that mothers need coaching just as much as their daughters. Oftentimes while coaching a girl, the mother will call me and tell me everything she thinks is wrong and what needs to happen to make her daughter change her behavior. I found myself continually coaching the mother to pause and focus on becoming the change she wants to see in her family. I initially hesitated to offer this because I didn’t want the girls to think that their mother needed to change in order for them to be happy.

Here are some of the benefits of Mother and Daughter Coaching:

      • Open and honest communication
      • Trusting, calm, mutually respectful conversations
      • Co-created boundaries and ground rules
      • Self-confidence, happiness and love
      • Forgiveness, acceptance and healing


It’s time to start a revolution!

The M.A.D. Love Revolution

It’s time to heal the mother/daughter relationship and instead of fighting each other, take all that wasted energy and channel it out into the world to change the culture for girls today.

The MAD Love Intensive:

3 Month Mother and Daughter Coaching Package


  ==> 3 live sessions per month via phone, Skype or FaceTime

          => 1 mother and daughter combined session

          => 1 daughter only session

          => 1 mother only session

          => mother and daughter relationship checklist 

          => Body Love – body image, self-acceptance, self-respect

          => Fight Fair – communication skills, affirmations and assertiveness training

==> 2 ten minute “Emergent See” (the process of coming into being) calls per month to help you shift perspective in the moment

==> Unlimited email/text support

==> Bonus: 52 week iCoach audio podcast program



Try Coaching On For Size!

Want to try before you buy? Fill out the form below to schedule a FREE 50 minute Breakthrough to Confidence Discovery Session so you can decide if coaching is right for you and your daughter.

During the My-Confident-Daughter Breakthrough Session, you will:

==> Create a sense of clarity about the changes you’d like to see in your daughter.

==> Discover the essential building blocks for creating a strong mother daughter bond and an open, honest and caring connection.

==> Determine the number one thing that stops your daughter from being confident and loving and accepting herself just the way she is.

==> Identify patterns and behaviors in your family dynamics that perpetuate perfectionism and feeling not good enough and the most powerful actions that will help her break free from the perfection trap.

==> Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to help your daughter feel confident with who she is and finally love herself unconditionally.

Disclaimer: In our coaching, you will learn the term: “Be all in” and mean it. In love. In friendship. In work. With life. It’s really about commitment. Once you say “Yes” to yourself, all your worries will begin to vaporize. Don’t get stuck in hesitancy. Because once we commit everything changes. So what are you waiting for? Fill out that form NOW!

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