I feel like I’m standing in a crowded room, screaming at the top of my lungs, and no one even looks up..but that’s only because nobody cares unless you have extraordinary beauty or you’re famous:/ Thx for listening

I hear you.

I have felt this way many times. I think we all have. Even the so-called extraordinary beauties and celebrities pay publicists a ton of money to keep their name and face out there. It’s a noisy world filled with so many people posting and tweeting and desperately trying to be “somebody” and be the next big thing. Our culture and society places so much value on celebrity and fame.

However, we can focus on that and feel miserable – OR – we can turn our attention inward and get our sense of self from the Source of all love and power. That is the truth and when you take the time to connect with that power, and then rely on that inner knowing to guide you, you will find your place and when you do, you won’t need anyone’s praise or acknowledgement… for you will be home and you will be free.

Here are some ways to help you go inward so you can begin to listen to that quiet voice within – the only voice that matters and you’re the only one who can give that to yourself.

  • Take a few minutes every day to just sit and be still.
  • Just breathe. Notice your breath filling your lungs. Say to yourself, “I know I’m breathing in… I know I’m breathing out.”
  • Observe your thoughts as they come into your mind and then imagine them floating by like a cloud. Try to detach from them and refrain from giving them any meaning.
  • Picture tying each of your problems and worries onto strings that are attached to helium balloons and watch them float away.
  • Turn to a blank page in your journal and close your eyes and ask it a question and then write whatever comes to you. This may take some practice but eventually you will begin to connect and tap into your highest self and the part of you that always knows the truth.

Hang in there baby girl… The moment YOU start listening to YOU – the world will sit up and take notice and shout out “Listen up… This girl has something important to say!”

Just for today… really listen to what someone else has to say… share what you heard and learned with the rest of us.  Ever feel like no one is listening? Then leave a comment below and let us know what your heart longs to say. Share this message with a friend who feels like no one cares. Watch the ripple effect… change the world.