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MAD Love is a movement for Mothers And Daughters, healing their relationship and channeling all that energy into changing the culture for teen girls.

My name is Kathleen Hassan and I coach teen girls who want to be more confident and women who want to step fully into their authentic power.

I also work with mothers and daughters who want to deepen their relationship, build mutual respect and enhance their communication skills.

The Mother and Daughter relationship is the most sacred and important relationship in a girl's life. However, because of our culture, this relationship is often strained and your home can turn into a battle zone.

Confident Girls... Powerful Women

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Every mom wants her daughter to be brave, have the confidence to achieve her dreams, and know how to get back up when she falls. Are you the mother of a teenage girl? Do you feel confident in just about


Help the teens who count on you to become happy, healthy and well adjusted … empowered by belief in themselves.   As practitioners, educators, parents, or simply as human beings, now more than ever we are being called to educate,


  Square Peg Round Hole Looking for the perfect gift for your pre-teen daughter? Girls to Grandmas will identify and relate to this heartwarming tale about a girl named Peg who is desperately trying to fit in. With the love

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