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MAD Love is a movement for Mothers And Daughters, healing their relationship and channeling all that energy into changing the culture for teen girls.

My name is Kathleen Hassan and I coach teen girls who want to be more confident and women who want to step fully into their authentic power.

I also work with mothers and daughters who want to deepen their relationship, build mutual respect and enhance their communication skills.

The Mother and Daughter relationship is the most sacred and important relationship in a girl’s life. However, because of our culture, this relationship is often strained and your home can turn into a battle zone.

Confident Girls... Powerful Women

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Every mom wants her daughter to be brave, have the confidence to achieve her dreams, and know how to get back up when she falls. Are you the mother of a teenage girl? Do you feel confident in just about

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Help the teens who count on you to become happy, healthy and well adjusted … empowered by belief in themselves.   As practitioners, educators, parents, or simply as human beings, now more than ever we are being called to educate,


Square Peg Round Hole Looking for the perfect gift for your pre-teen daughter? Girls to Grandmas will identify and relate to this heartwarming tale about a girl named Peg who is desperately trying to fit in. With the love

Our Testimonials and Rave Reviews

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  • You Are Here! But Where Do You Want to Be?
    You are here! You know that map at the mall? The one you look at when you’re trying to find Forever 21? In order to get there you have to know where you’re coming from. It’s the same thing in life. You can’t get where you’re going until you know the starting point. Last week was the final session of my brand new pilot program called Buried Treasure: A Girl’s Guide to Discovering Inner Strength and Confidence. […]
  • Perfectly Imperfect: Adele Models the Art of the Do Over
    Thank you Adele! Last night during the Grammys, in front of millions of viewers, Adele modeled the art of the do over to perfection. She was singing a tribute to George Michael and a few bars into her rendition of Fast Love, she stopped and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t mess this up for him. Can we start over?” A collective gasp shot round the world. Then, as if realizing what she’d just done, she dropped an undeniable […]
  • Grace Under Fire: Turning My Mess into a Message
    Over the past twenty years as a professional speaker, I’ve had my fair share of speeches that didn’t go my way. But last week’s presentation to the National Charity League in San Antonio was an epic disaster. I was so excited because the NCL’s mission aligns so well with my message of fostering the mother daughter relationship and developing confident young women leaders, and 250 mothers and daughters would be there for my talk. Never in a million […]
  • One More Trip to the Mall is Not Going to Solve Your Daughter’s Self-Esteem Problem
    “The only time my daughter wants to hang out with me is when it involves spending money and most often that means another trip to the mall.” Sound familiar? I’ve heard this over and over again from so many moms who keep caving in and resorting to the only strategy that seems to work. But does it really? There’s even a book, dedicated to beleaguered parents of teens called, “Get Out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me & Cheryl to the […]